Sunday, February 8, 2009

Putrajaya Cyclefest 2009

the t-shirt
I supposed to work today...but it been I decided to go to the Putrajaya the R.O.P gang...then went for the Cyclefest number is "382"...but unlucky me the t-shirt only left XXS size...body fit I 'll give it to my GF later...nevermind coz I didn't come to enter the race...just to give support and take the t-shirt only...hehehe..

"382" Me and Farid
1st flag off
Gadis litar Korn ketawa manja
Wakil2x R.O.P for the race
after the Junior Veteran race
At 10.45pm I went back to the event place to see Putrajaya Night Challenge...some of R.O.P members were there including bro Zizan...Apai and Zole take part in this race...Apai managed to complete the race but unfortunately not for Zole...he had an accident...pity him...get well soon bro...Waiting until the closing ceremony...then I managed to change the t-shirt to L size after asking one of the crew...

Zole injured his right leg
Apai completed the race for this yearwith our proud rider Mr. Apai
***Sold my BMX due to financial matter....sayang -_-"

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