Sunday, November 30, 2008

World AIDS Day:Ride for Life 2008

Starting/ending point: Berjaya Times Square
Distance: 27km - Tour of Golden Triangle around Kuala Lumpur
Start time: 8.00 a.m
Finished time: 10.30 a.m

***Story later...picture 1st....enjoy....

Arrived at Petronas McD Sg.Besi n wait for others

Que for registration???Take the free T-shirtBefore the ride begin...Azam n Hidayah
It's begin...
riding beside Joseph taking picture here n there 1st stop
Children with their guardian
Daoh (PCM pioneer) in action
Kevin BBSFixed
"KL...we owned!!" - flat
Abg Man
it's a mass
Dataran Merdeka
Jorg Weigl UTM....nice bike
Bro Zizan with Joseph
Jorg with Kim...short hot pant!!! drooling
Old bike
We conquer the road
It's me in front of Pavilion KL
Mr.Peter (from Holland), Bok, Me & NashDaoh n Nash
"Free karipap lai lai" - Hjh Alia
Abg Sham, Daoh, Nash, Me and Kevin
Enter frame...Longgok
The grand pic of World AIDS Day 2008 RideThe Free T-shirtSome video by my handphone

**Story from Pak Adib here
**Pictures from Jeen here
**Pictures from Azam matakiri here
**You tube Abg ManCIOCC here

The shoes...

Here's my Adidas shoes...rare?? maybe...I don't think any shop here sell this model...last time my fren bought it at Hong Kong...just sharing...
white with red lining
Closed upThe sole

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Putrajaya Critical Mass #8

PCM #8 route

It's a rainy2x day...It was raining yesterday evening and I thought PCM will be cancel for that nite...but our prayers has been granted...Ahamdullillah..the rain stop at about 7.30pm...I massed sms to others...especially our El-Capitan Mr. Doah...said " Spread the words...Putrajaya is clear n ready to roll!"...

Video taken from Mr. Don

Arrived at the starting point around 8.55pm...Daoh already there...regular like Abg Man, Apai and others still coming and setup their bike...I unload my machine...going to test the new wheel set tonite....more n more r coming...the themes for this month mass is "Babes in Bikeland"'s to encouraged female rider to join n to cycle together...we had some female rider coming...Aini was there...I only knew 1 of them...Day-O what she was called...last time she's came with the MMU boys (I just know that she's from my hometown a fren to my sister actually..small world)...not many but enough to represent the gender...gurls and housewife...a big clapped for them for the spirit...

We also had representative that bring "Basikal Tua" and Tricycle bike...stylo!!!

We start late a bit as rider still coming...9.55pm after short briefing by Abg Man...we roll out!!! from my eyes's 100 minus...U can watch the video that I have attached...I meet old IRC chatting fren...joined the PCM for the 1st time...he's face show how excited to join in...

Rolling out using the same route but we extend the length by entering the Dataran area in front of the Putrajaya mosque...We stop there in the middle of the dataran to take some picture...the security there was a bit angry...wiesel we take our bike on to the turf pavement...then we continue ride to the big loop heading to Alamanda...some of the rider got problem like flat tire, chain dropped and bend wheel...our un-famous marshals try their best to help, wait n escort the problem rider...many thanks for their effort....

As we cycled through the route..the skies seems going to cry again...the sound n light of thunder can be heard n sighted...the wind blew stronger...the big group up front already make their phase one wanna get wet cycling in the rain...I'm with the back group...still grouping n waiting for the last pack to arrived...we wait in front of PICC junction....

We all finished just before the rain pour down...12 a.m...26km has been covered...lepak at the mamak for a while then went back home in rain...the bike is all wet....(more picture update later)

the new setup
Gaya 2 cameraman...don't try this out home..Me n Haitsan sempat posing ngan Kopsia Si Basikal Tua

**Story from Basikal Tua here
**Story from Aini here
**Story from Rudy here
**Story from Haitsan here
**Pictures from Azam Matakiri here

**3 bottom videos taken from Abg ManCIOCC you tube (without BG music)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Kura-kura Putih...white turtle??

It's white again...changed my XC/freestyle/dirt helmet to lighten weight Folker 661 mullet will go to its new Master of Puppet...Mr. Atan...

Folker Lite Helmet
Lightweight helmet, with memory foam liner that molds to the shape of your head over time for a perfect fit.
-Material - High Impact ABS Shell
-Memory Foam
-14 hole ventilation system
-Anatomically shaped chin buckle

Bye-bye served me well

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Biker rules!!!!!

This video link was taken from a fellow rider Mr. Arel from BBS chat gang....How to "cilok" when been chased by police car...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New wheelset...Da Bomb da rim white....

The Crest
It's completed...I sold my Xerowheel wheel set in exchange of it...I costumed made a wheel set consist of Da Bomb da rim and Novatec seal bearing hub...stainless steel spoke...Deore XT CS-M760 Cassette....

Novatec seal bearing hub
Deore XT CS-M760 (last time bought it)Da Bomb da rimclosed up

World AIDS Day:Ride for Life

The Malaysian AIDS Foundation would like to call upon all avid cyclist
supporters to rally together to celebrate World AIDS Day and let
Malaysians know that we still have a battle to fight against HIV/AIDS
in Malaysia .

A mini Ride for Life will be held in conjunction with the World AIDS
Day Celebration at Berjaya Time Square .

It is a short loop around the Golden Triangle in Kuala Lumpur which
everyone can be a part of - just bring your bike and don't forget your

Registration is FREE and everyone joining the ride will get a
specially-designed T-shirt sponsored by M.A.C Cosmetics - Viva Glam,

So be there to show your support towards a worthy cause
Details as follows:

DATE : Sunday, 30 th Nov 2008

VENUE : Berjaya Times Square
ROUTE : Approx. 30km Tour of Golden Triangle – Kuala Lumpur
FITNESS LEVEL : Suitable for all levels of cyclists
FLAG OFF : 7.30am sharp (Don't be late)

Please call James Bak at 0122221200 or email him at if you have any further enquiries.

more info here

Interlocking (Warning for 18SG only...Parental advisory)

Femur bone with interlocking nail
This X-ray (taken from medical website) show exactly the same what I have in "both" of my legs due to car accident in August 2005...the rod n nail still remain until present day...I don't know when I'm going to remove it out or just leave it there...Uzairi used to called me the "Ironman"...or Rudy always calling me "Wolverine"...-_-" sigh!

Upper near pubic bone
Lower above knee