Monday, July 28, 2008

Backpack & Bladder...

After PCC kajang ride last time...I been thinking and decided to get a hydration backpack...1st for the water supply and 2nd to store tools like pump and spare tyre... so I bought Folker Mission hydration backpack from Amat...since the Dirtwork backpack from Tomi out of stock...including 2 liter Folker Microban (antibacterial) water some free sticker...already stick it to my helmet...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Putrajaya Critical Mass #4

Rider gathering/setup bike place...
here we go...
As usual every last Friday of the mass we have the Mass at Putrajaya...near 100 rider were faces and regular rider...all rider start pedaling at 10p.m but I hav to wait for Ober...then wait for the Ampang gang to arrived which is very2 late...for me this Critical Mass was a sad one...I should just start riding when Ober finished setup his bike...well things been left behind about 30 minutes gap of time from the big group...I and Ober start our pedaling with 2 others...a father with his son...leaving behind the Ampang gang...sorry guys...we pedaling normal speed as we guide the two others...but at the mid section of the route...Ober n me decided to pedal faster to catch up with the back pack of the front group...we manage to joined them just after Dataran Putrajaya area which is only about 3km to the finish/starting line...22km finished...

Lepak at mamak after that...then 'ushar" Poji bike with some new upgrade...the Spinner Eagle fork...the SLX hidro brake fella...

Ober new frame..from blue to red
As for Ober...he swap all his Serena (t-bolt) thingy to the red XLR-8R Da Bomb frame which he bought at very low price...RM300 for the frame, headset and seatpost...all branded by Da Bomb...lucky him after Serena broken...

What is Critical Mass?
Critical Mass is a monthly mass bike ride promoting cycling as a fun and healthy alternative to driving. Critical Mass rides occur on the last friday of every month in over 200 cities worldwide. Now we ride Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fullfill the wish list...

I bought the item on my wish list today...go to Ah Chun shop after werk...already call him asking if the item got stock or not...reach there around I bought the Da Bomb Big Stick handlebar and Da Bomb Da da saddle...

Later on the way bro Don to give him the FSA SL-K saddle money and COD the Easton AM vice stem...very nice deal...thanks bro...well tonite going to install so it can be use for tomorrow Putrajaya Critical Mass...

after installation

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Da Bomb Da Da

After a few ride...I decided to sell back the FSA SL-K saddle...not so comfortable for wish list is Da Bomb Da Da pro saddle...

Cross-Country and Freeride Saddle
4130 Cro-Moly 8mm Rail

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wish list...

Currently waiting to pickup my stem...Easton vice AM 85mm...later maybe will pair it with Da Bomb Big Stick Handlebar...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Xerowheel XSD-5...FSA SL-K Cromo

Yesterday take FSA SL-K Cromo saddle from Bro Don...He said I have can test it 1st before buying...then later bought new wheel set from ckng...Xerowheel XSD-5 taken out from Gaint Anthem the wheel set without the rotor but got new Shimano Deore 9 speed CS-HG50 cassette (11t-34t)...also bought a pair of road tyre...Deestone 1.4 + kenda tube from Yong....

Technical Specification:
  • All Black - Spoke, hub and rim configuration
  • Weight for the front wheel : 966g
  • Weight for the rear wheel : 1148g
  • Spokes DT Champion 14g with 12mm Brass nipples
  • 8-9 speed compatible freehub body
  • Standard Quick Release Front axle
  • Standard Quick Release Rear axle
  • Xero Lighweight skewers included
  • 6 Bolt international Disc Mounting Hubs
  • No Rim Brake surface
  • 24 Black Spoked Front Wheel
  • 28 Black Spoked Rear Wheel

  • ____________________________________________________________________

    Sold the Mavix XM719 wheelset for RM400...also sold the Kenda OEM 1.95 tyre for RM50/pair

    Friday, July 18, 2008

    Previous pedalling...

    Putrajaya wetland
    Friday nite riding
    For the previous month...I hav joined cycling activities and event like Friday nite cycling... Putrajaya Critical Mass...Kajang PCC new friends...rider from Kajang, Puchong, Bangi, Putrajaya and all around Selangor area...

    Putrajaya Critical Mass
    Kajang PCC Loop

    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    1st post...cycling again after 10 years...

    Recover back my blog I created this blog for my bicycle activities...decided to name it Basikal Putih or White Bicycle... it's been a long time since the last I'm cycled a bike...I think I stopped pedaling just after I left skool...well start pedaling back last month actually...changed 3 bike already..the 1st one is the hybrid Polygon Vintage...then the 2nd one Specialized HRXC...both been sold already...

    Polygon Vintage
    Specialized HRXC 19" to big for me
    after swapped with Da Bomb Tora Bora XC 17' frame
    now im riding custom made bike with DaBomb frame...model Tora Bora XC...white color...

    previous road setup
    previous off road setup


    Please do not offense by the Da Bomb Iron Cross Logo. it is not a christian symbol to be precise, it is a GERMAN symbol for their warplanes and medal award to NAZI army whom scores in the battle - edited from someone explanation...

    feel free to visit their website...

    Thing that I bought and add-up

    DaBomb Lock-On Grip
    Folker Cycling Short (padding)
    Pump and eyeware protection
    Rear Bike carier
    661 Full finger glove L, Velo 8 and cateye rear tail light
    611 Mullet helmet and Tefal tyre tool
    Cycling t-shirt from Dirtwork
    661 Full finger glove M
    Wellgo B-81 platform Pedal Cro-mo Spindle