Saturday, August 2, 2008

1st blood @Bukit Cermin....

It's been a while for me to feel how it's like to "jatuh basikal"...last time was when I'm still in today I got the feels back...3 times "tergolek" at Bukit Cermin which is the 1st time I been there...I'm way way out of experience..."sayur siot"...but I'm very satisfied...It's also been a while for some action since the car xcident in got some blood coming out from the scratch scar on my left knee...n for the last drop "tergolek"...My lips tergigit I do i need a full face helmet (gatai tangan dah ni)??
1st blood
sexy lips??

short report: I was the last one to arrived at mamak Benasir to meet ROP Bukit Cermin...I meet Udang n Adi which is regular DH rider that I have a chit chat at BBS chatbox...ended me buying 661 race lite knee guard from Adi...used one la....

the climb
ROP's gang...Haitsan, Ezam, Ms Kay, Poji and Shah
2nd hand 661 race lite knee pad from Adi
way to go for Nash with his Yeti
Me at high speed momentum...2 seconds b4 hit groundzero with my head...
Posing with a borrowed full face..its Poji

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