Thursday, November 6, 2008

Urban Velo #10 - November 2008

Ok guys..long time no update...since after Raya...lots of open house n wedding I'm kind of bz with work load at the end of the year...even on Saturday I'm working days...My cycling time had been limited...sadly for me I can't attend KL DOWNTOWN n missed PCM last month...lately I just ride to go to play Futsal...anyway just to announce that Urban Velo released #10 their online magazine for November....

Contents include: The Million Mile Man - Danny Chew, A Ride on the Wild Side - A Working Vacation as a Bike Messenger, 10 Types of Pedestrians We Love to Hate, Winter Footwear Options, Bike! Bike! 2008, Blinkie Light Theory, How to use a Chain Tool, Ed Glazar Photo Gallery, plus I Love Riding in the City, Bikes on Film, Residue and No Exit comics.

download ur copy by clicking below...its totally free...
Urban Velo #10 - November 2008

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